Ten Thousand Buddhas by Amanda Giacomini is a world wide, highly sought after art project, including large scale murals & fine art paintings. Featured on National Geographic Channel, New York Magazine, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Mantra Magazine, Origin Magazine, Marin Magazine, LA Yoga Mag, and Tricycle Magazine. 


"Several years ago, artist and yoga teacher Amanda Giacomini visited India's Ajanta Caves, a sacred spot that is the site of 29 rock-cut Buddhist Cave monuments. For Giacomini, who has been creating devotional art for many years in tandem with her spiritual and physical yoga practice, inspiration hit. Shortly after her visit, she began the 10,000 Buddhas Project, setting out to paint 10,000 Buddhas as pieces of public mural art around the globe. "

- Ali McGhee for Asheville Grit


the art.

Amanda Giacomini has painted murals in Wynwood District of Miami, Abbot Kinney, Santa Monica, and Hollywood in L.A., Washington, D.C., Sacramento, Marin County, West Palm Beach, F.L., Cambutal, Panama, a mobile installation in 5 cities in Germany & 30 cities across the US for Wanderlust Festival, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA,. La Quinta Resort Waldorf Astoria in Palm Springs, CA, Seattle, WA, & Crow Collection in Dallas, TX.

a yoga love story.

Amanda is a dedicated Yogini with over 20 years of practice and fifteen years of teaching. She teaches weekly classes other studio which she co-founded in 2001 with MC YOGI, Point Reyes Yoga in Point Reyes, California.

Amanda met her husband Nicholas, aka MC YOGI at a yoga teacher training at It's Yoga in San Francisco in 2000. The two fell in love, traveled to India the following year and then opened their own yoga studio inside Nicholas' family barn in Point Reyes Station, CA. When they started out, they each worked a handful of jobs to float the rent. Amanda worked part time at her sister's dog hotel and did freelance graphic design, and Nicholas loaded hay at his family store Toby's Feed Barn and worked at the local pizza parlor. For the first seven years of their yoga studio, they taught all of the classes, and were open seven days a week, 364 days a year, with one day off for Christmas.When MC YOGI released his first album ELEPHANT POWER,  they started to get invitations to perform and teach across the country. As a visual artist, Amanda helped MC YOGI to create a visual show that they could preform live to go with his unique style of yoga inspired Hip-Hop. It was a mash up of sacred Indian art, Bollywood, graffiti and vintage breakdancing footage from the 80s. As artists and yogis, they continue to travel, teach, and perform together all over the world.




"Amanda shows us that Buddhas are all around. She paints with a beautiful, playful sacred spirit. Her work at Spirit Rock is a delight for the thousands who pass by."

- Jack Kornfield, Author, Buddhist Practitioner, Co- Founder of Insight Meditation Society and Spirit Rock


"Amanda is a revolutionary! 10,000 Buddhas is the propaganda of a call to Awakening for all living beings. The spiritual revolution is happening now, on a wall near you!"

- Noah Levine, Author, Buddhist Teacher, Counselor, and Founding Teacher of Against the Stream, Buddhist Meditation Society


"Every time I look at the Buddhas at our Wanderlust Hollywood center, I stop and smile. Just the sight of them keeps me from dwelling in the past or dreaming of the future. And what could be more apt."

- Jeff Krasno, Co-Founder of Wanderlust Festival


"Blessed to have an original Ten Thousand Buddhas painting by Amanda Giacomini in my home, it lives on my altar and brings me a feeling of potent peace every morning when I sit with it. Amanda's work has moved me for years, and I'm in awe of her mission to share it and bring the Buddhas to many surfaces and communities."

- Elena Brower, Mama, Teacher, Author of Art of Attention, and Practice You


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Artist. Yogini. Storyteller. Working on a project to create 10,000+ Buddhas in the world.