After years of painting Buddhas I had a vision of scaling them up and painting them on the sides of buildings.
In 2014, my friend Dawn Feinberg in Miami found me an epic 100ft long wall in the heart of the Wynwood District. After finishing the mural, I signed it with my newly created @10000buddhas instagram handle. Everyday I began to see photos of people posing, doing yoga, meditating with my Buddha mural. It was an amazing feeling, and lit my passion for making street art.

In following years I would create many large scale public murals across the country including  Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, San Diego, West Palm Beach, Asheville, North Carolina, Washington D.C.. It has been a honor to create murals for Spirit Rock Center in California, for the Dallas Asian Art Museum and The Waldorf Astoria in Palm Springs. I have also painted several international murals in Panama, Costa Rica, Japan, and Germany.

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“Art can transcend our human experience, so you don’t have to be a Buddhist to appreciate the imagery itself. It’s a subconscious thing — seeing peaceful beings sitting together, doing something uplifting.

It has a visceral effect on people. It makes them smile. It makes them happy.”

- Amanda Giacomini, from interview withLion’s Roar

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