Works on Paper

For years I only made large paintings on wood.  With the help of a my friend and printmaker Sirima Sataman, I was able to translate my paintings into works on paper.

The backgrounds are monotype prints created by pressing ink on paper to make a colorful, textured backgrounds. Then I slowly build up the image using 4 different screens for the background shape, the line art, the robes, and then the halos of the Buddhas. Because they are handmade, each one is original and unique.

Image 1.jpeg
Image 2.jpg
Image 3.jpg
Image 4.jpg
Image 5.jpg
Image 6.jpg
Image 7.jpg
Image 8.jpg
Image 9.jpg
Image 10.jpg

“What you think, you become. Your thoughts create your reality”

- The Buddha

Image 11.jpg
Image 12.jpg
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Image 16.jpg
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