Magical Ponies

The magical pony paintings are a throw back to my childhood, when my first love and deepest devotion was to horses. For years, every birthday wish, shooting star, and prayer was that I might one day see a Unicorn or ride a Pegasus. I spent most afternoons at a local stable, and when I wasn’t riding, I loved to brush and groom the horses and just spend time with these noble and beautiful creatures.

In 2017, my beloved dog of 15 years passed away. After his death, he appeared in my dreams the size of a horse and I would ride and fly with him throughout many magical dream realms. These paintings are how I imagine him to be now in his spirit body; in the night sky, in a field of peonies and in the early morning dawn.

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"Be selfless and joy will follow you like a shadow that never leaves you.” 

-The Dhammapada

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